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Pregnancy WTF?! A third-time veteran of the miracle known as pregnancy, I would like to hand down some of my hard-earned wisdom. 

9 Birth Announcement Holiday Cards

I fell in love with these Birth Announcement Holiday Cards because two-birds-with-one-stone is one of my favourite idioms (along with Bob’s your uncle) and you’re going to knock the socks off of anybody that receives one.  

That Kind of Girl

“Oh, you want to have kids?” My friend asked me, a hint of surprise in her voice. This question stung me, but I realized that I’ve never been that girl. You know, the girl who whines about her baby dreams and whether or not it will ever happen. 

How to Change a Diaper

Nervous about changing a newborn's diaper? Here's a step-by-step how to (including a video.)

Nursing through growth spurts can be challenging, but just let your baby lead the way.

Let me tell ya something, things having really been coming up roses for the Burd lately. I don’t know what PR list I’ve gotten on but it’s the one where they say, “Would you like to try amazing shit?” and I say, “yes”.

Dropping or “lightening” refers to a baby moving a bit lower in the pelvic canal. But that's it!

Ugh, the dreaded four-month sleep regression. Here's are some amazing tips to tackle it!

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