Silly Monkey Baby – BabyHug Giveaway

The BabyHug is a swaddle blanket with a cushion designed for a safe and comfortable way to hold your little one and additionally it simplifies swaddling. The cushion creates a surface so baby rests comfortably and is fully supported from head to toe, and the multi flap system makes swaddling effortless. Keeps baby comfy, cozy and in proper position to prevent their little head form rolling back. Great for all parents with a newborn, wonderful for sibling bonding, awesome tool for grandparents, and a huge help for mamas post C-section.

BabyHug 1.jpg
  • Supports entire body, including the head, neck, spine and legs
  • Easy positioning when held by anyone including children
  • Comfortable position for feedings and burping
  • Accommodates infants with a level of comfort, safety, and warmth
  • Keeps baby's face from direct contact of people's clothing
  • Supports spine and head while also preventing head from falling backwards
  • 100% machine washable

Essentially the BabyHug was designed so mama and daddy can share their baby with ease. Holding and passing a newborn never felt so comfortable. No more nervous dads or uncles, grandma's shaky arms, or uncomfortable repositioning of visitors' arms. Big brother and sister can "help" hold their newest little baby and mama can have an extra arm to tend to siblings.

The BabyHug comes in two classic colors: pink with white trim and blue with white trim. Made of 100% Cotton and everything including the support cushion is machine washable.

(Open to U.S. and Canada)

Go Chews Giveaway

You’re hungry. Not just any hungry. Pregnancy / nursing hungry.

We’re talking about the kind of hungry that makes people step aside as you walk in their direction with the eyes of a jungle cat ready to pounce on its prey.

Enter Go Chews – the latest craze in healthy baby belly building, milky boobie making, need to stay energized while satisfying cravings and hungers – whole food energy snack. Don’t let their look deceive you. These are not your everyday hippie treats. Tested by collegiate and ironman triathletes Go Chews have the lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats your body needs to keep you strong and healthy through the longest of days. Did we mention they have natural lactogenic (milk making foods) to help support breastfeeding efforts while being completely allergen friendly (gluten, dairy, soy, and peanut-free)?

Each bag of Go Chews is filled with 10 delicious Go Chews bites, perfect for snacking on the go while giving you complete portion control. Have two for a 100 calorie snack or enjoy half the bag for a full serving. Keep them in your desk drawer, gym bag, diaper bag, purse, or if need be, hide them in an undisclosed location. You decide. From babymoon to your baby’s room Go Chews are perfect - anywhere, anytime.

Enter today and you could WIN 10 BAGS OF GO CHEWS nicely packaged in a practical, reusable and environmentally friendly momme meals freezer bag. Use the bag to cart around your Go Chews, or consider using it on picnics, for breast milk transportation (hot or cold) and/or to ensure your favorite frozen dessert makes it home safely form the market.

Open to U.S. residents.

Can't wait to get your Go Chews? Get $5 off your order of $25 or more. Use Code: CHICKS$5

[Note: both Kelly and I received a bag of Go Chews and ate them in record time. I thought they were delish.]

Ergobaby Wrap Giveaway


Remember when Meg (from Lucie's List) and I went to the ABC Kids Expo last fall? Well, we both fell in love with the Ergobaby Wrap, in fact, it made our Top 10 products from the show.

Now if you checked out the recent auction to benefit a little girl named, Nella, on March 27th, you’ll see that Meg generously donated an Ergobaby Wrap (still in the box) and that I swooped in like a fucking ninja and won it.  (Actually, I just bid more than it was worth, which is a sure way to win an auction.) They raised $5,670 for Nella and I was so happy to be a part of it.

But what am I going to do with the awesome Ergobaby Wrap? Carry a thawed chicken? My cat? Random baby I snatch at the mall? No, I think I'll keep it sane (and out of prison) and give it to one of you.


Here’s are the deets:

The Ergobaby Wrap is a Hybrid Wrap. Hybrid Wraps combine the benefits of both woven and stretchy wraps because hybrids are strong, but also stretch due to the special material.

The Ergobaby Wrap has a material difference. Made from our strong 4D Stretch™ material that flexes in four directions, the ultra-breathable, unbelievably soft cotton provides that essential close contact you and your baby crave in those first days and months.

  • The right amount of stretch hugs you & baby perfectly
  • Doesn't sag throughout the day from baby's weight
  • Moves in every direction with you and your baby

It retails for $80 (U.S)

Meg will ship it to one lucky winner in the U.S. or Canada. Just promise not to carry your cat in it. Good luck!

If you are looking to help Nella and her family, you can find a fundraiser for her medical expenses here and follow their beautiful journey on Facebook here. I know how much they appreciate everyone’s kind words and support.

Artsy Voiceprint Giveaway

Your baby's first heartbeats mark the beginning of a new life full of hopes and possibilities. A custom sound wave art of your baby’s heartbeat will remind you of the joy and excitement you felt the moment you first heard your baby in your belly.

We create personalized nursery art using a recording of your baby’s heartbeat.

You can customize your print by choosing the colors and adding your own caption. Simply send us a recording or video taken by your phone or digital camera and we’ll turn it into a keepsake you’ll cherish forever! You can customize your own Artsy Voiceprint art or give it to a loved one as a special baby shower gift.

We offer many different sizes on fine art canvas and high quality acid-free archival paper. Our canvas prints are gallery wrapped and come ready to hang. We print using giclee ink jet printing to produce the highest quality and durable archival print.

Visit our Etsy shop to see our entire collection of sound wave art for all occasions or connect with us on Facebook.

Our giveaway is a custom 11”x14” gallery wrapped canvas of your baby’s heartbeat. It retails for $88.


For those who don't want to wait to see if they are the lucky winner, we created a special discount code (PREGNANTCHICKEN10) exclusively for Pregnant Chicken readers, which gives you 10% off when purchasing through our Etsy Shop.

This contest is open to anyone in the US and Canada. Good luck everyone!

Word to Your Mother Book Giveaway

Think of your very favorite baby name.
Are you picturing it?

Now, what if you found out that the name means ostrich intestines or shallow muddy puddle. Would you still like the name? Of course you would! And that is why we need to rethink the way we name our babies.

Come and discover a new kind of baby name book based on the theory that we choose names based on our interactions and experiences, rather than on contrived “meanings.”

This fresh approach to baby naming includes thousands of traditional, timeless and stylish names and thousands more hipster, creative and eclectic names waiting to be discovered. Word to Your Mother is perfect for today's parents and among the next generation of best selling baby name books.

And you thought you were obsessing over names?  While you have been growing that baby or preparing for adoption, Bonnie Bell has been growing this book. She has researched endlessly, developed methods and compiled thousands and thousands of baby name ideas. So sit back, read the book and start naming your babies with confidence.