Holo Giveaway

Relaxation in pregnancy is a difficult one, especially by the third trimester, when your bump is really getting in the way, causing pains in your pelvis and stopping you lie in a comfortable sleep position.

Well, that was until the holo arrived! Developed with the sole purpose of making pregnancy comfortable, it is an extremely simple product, an inflatable bed with a hole in the middle – a hole especially for your bump.

The holo has actually made it possible to be comfortable right up until birth. Tried and tested by thousands of pregnant mums, it is proven to be an absolute godsend for the relief of SPD pains, catching up on sleep, turning the baby into optimal position for birth and can even be used for yoga sessions, pregnancy massage and for getting your back brown on holiday!

Childbirth guru Dr. Gowri Motha, author of ‘The Gentle Birth Method’ and a top obstetrician has 10 in use in her Primrose Hill clinic, praise indeed, while yoga teachers worldwide are buying in bulk to the delight of their pregnant yogis. Midwives and physios have delightedly declared that the holo is an amazing boon to pregnant women and questioned ‘why has this not been invented before?’!

So why not treat yourself to a comfortable pregnancy? You are most definitely worth it. For use on land and water. Available in blue, pink and mint.