Halo Bassinest Giveaway

The HALO™ Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper is the only baby bassinet that rotates a full 360 degrees to bring baby to you for close, safe sleep. Now your little one can sleep as close to you as you want -- even right next to you in bed -- and still sleep safely in his own separate space. And the more it moves, the less you have to, which makes taking care of baby throughout the night a lot easier.

Mesh walls of the HALO Bassinest provide maximum breathability, and baby is visible to you all night long. The side wall also lowers and then returns automatically making tending to baby easier with less lifting. The rotation of the Bassinest also means that it’s easier for mom to exit and enter the bed, particularly important to C-section moms. The nursery center features lullabies, nature and womb sounds, gentle vibration, a nightlight and a nursing timer. Perfect from the day baby comes home from the hospital up to about five months.

You can also check out the review I did on it:

Open to U.S. and Canada. They retail for around $230 U.S.

Holo giveaway

Relaxation in pregnancy is a difficult one, especially by the third trimester, when your bump is really getting in the way, causing pains in your pelvis and stopping you lie in a comfortable sleep position.

Well, that was until the holo arrived! Developed with the sole purpose of making pregnancy comfortable, it is an extremely simple product, an inflatable bed with a hole in the middle – a hole especially for your bump.

The holo has actually made it possible to be comfortable right up until birth. Tried and tested by thousands of pregnant moms, it is proven to be an absolute godsend for the relief of SPD pains, catching up on sleep, turning the baby into optimal position for birth and can even be used for yoga sessions, pregnancy massage and for getting your back brown on holiday!

Childbirth guru Dr. Gowri Motha, author of ‘The Gentle Birth Method’ and a top obstetrician has 10 in use in her Primrose Hill clinic, praise indeed, while yoga teachers worldwide are buying in bulk to the delight of their pregnant yogis. Midwives and physios have delightedly declared that the holo is an amazing boon to pregnant women and questioned ‘why has this not been invented before?’!

So why not treat yourself to a comfortable pregnancy? You are most definitely worth it. For use on land and water. Available in blue, pink and mint.

For more information visit holo-lilo.com, or check us out on facebook and twitter.

You can buy a holo for £39.99 (including delivery within UK.) Additional costs for shipment worldwide – £59.99 to the USA (includes shipping.)

Open to everyone!

Origami Owl Giveaway

Origami Owl offer's you the opportunity to personalize lockets, bracelets, and earrings. The company focuses on being “a force for good; to love (and) inspire” others through positive motivation.

The 18k Gold and 18k Rose Gold lockets are plated using an advanced technology known as the ION Plating (IP) Process, which is the same process used by high-end designer watch makers.

All Lockets are solid 316 grade Stainless Steel, a metal similar in appearance to Silver with the quality of being a harder metal, hypoallergenic, and do not tarnish through extended wear. Sparkling Swarovski Crystals are meticulously embedded into the locket’s border to create a high quality flush setting.



Each locket can display your very own personal story with charms, plates, and dangles. Necklace, bracelets and lockets are available in a variety of styles and shapes. There are currently four locket sizes; the mini, medium, large, and heart with a fifth being release October 16th (along with some other great holiday items). Each locket opens to display charms you select. You can do multiple looks with all the great accessories and just one locket!

There are options to fit any budget. Charms start at just $5 ranging from hobbies, occupations, birthstones, religion, and much more. With so many options it can be hard to choose!

(Open to U.S. and Canada)

Can't wait to win?

Get a free charm with an order of $35 or more! Email Lacey directly at LJTobie@gmail.com after placing an order with the code "Pregnant Chicken" and order number so she can add the charm to your order. Orders must be placed at http://laceytobie.origamiowl.com to qualify for the free charm.


Memory Treasure Giveaway



Unique, creative and fun baby shower and birthday guest book alternative. Have your guests sign a balloon or thumbprint it during the reception and then frame it to preserve beautiful memories of your special day for many years to come. Design print is fully personalized with your colors, name and dates. Choose from over twenty original designs in which are available in many sizes and balloon count. Designs are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive lustre paper to better preserve and treasure your memories.

Give away is for two prints for two winners (one for each winner) of your choice of any design in any size available at www.MemoryTreasureArt.com
Winner will be able to personalize his/her design with colors, font and name of preference and will receive the design for review and approval before it gets printed and shipped. Frame and pen are not included! Easily found at most craft stores.

Open to U.S. only.

Bags of Sugar Giveaway


Bags of Sugar is a premier company for versatile yet cozy baby blankets, specifically “To-Go Bag.” Our To-Go Bags are one-of-a-kind: they provide freedom of movement like blankets but can’t be kicked off. They stay put like outer clothing but offer an easy way to get baby in and out. The To-Go Bags are perfect for busy moms and dads and are no hassle: no buttons, no zippers, no twisting.

The idea was thought up by a self-described mom on-the-go of three boys, ages five and under. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you’re holding your baby in one hand and juggling about a few bags in the other hand, all while trying to simultaneously keep your baby wrapped snug in a blanket, then this product is just for you. It’s multi-purpose, reversible, comes in many different colors and is 100% safe for your baby.

Bags of Sugar’s products are handcrafted in America with Soft Dot Minky fabric combined with flannel. “Minky” fabric is an extremely soft and warm fleece fabric made with 100% cotton. But most importantly, they’re easy to clean. You can check out photos of our products at bagsofsugar.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Open to U.S. and Canada