BabyWeight.TV Giveaway

BabyWeight.TV is an online fitness series for prenatal and postpartum moms. Featuring over 100 classes, it is the largest Prenatal and Postpartum fitness video library in the world. BabyWeight.TV offers a variety of classes so you can change up your workouts, including Yoga, Cardio, and the CoreMama™ series that targets the muscles affected most by mommyhood. Classes are specific to different levels so you can progress through the program as you get stronger. With a different class every day of the week, you will never get bored, as is often the problem with purchasing a DVD.


The really cool thing about BabyWeight.TV is that the classes are taught by Micky Marie Morrison, a physical therapist and expert in prenatal exercise. Micky literally wrote the book on prenatal fitness and getting your body back postpartum, Baby Weight, and has worked with obstetricians around the world to develop exercises that are challenging yet safe for all stages prenatal and postpartum. BabyWeight.TV will kick your butt into shape without putting you or your baby at risk.

Another super-fun feature of BabyWeight.TV is the mom-and-baby class series, which actually integrates the baby into strong core classes to add resistance to the exercises, using the baby as a weight (get it... Baby Weight??). Talking to your cooing baby is a good distraction from your trembling abs. And combining exercise with baby playtime helps you find time to work fitness into your busy day.

One lucky cluck will win a 6-month subscription to BabyWeight.TV. But Micky's giving all Pregnant Chicken readers a chance to try it free for a month with a special discount code. Just visit www.BabyWeight.TV and sign up for the monthly membership then enter CHICKEN in the coupon code at checkout to get a free month!

Open Worldwide!

Baby Wisp Giveaway

Babies love our accessories! Baby Wisp is a 100% Canadian, mama-owned hair accessory company that has quickly become the most trusted brand for your “Baby’s First Hair Accessory.” Baby Wisp mini latch clips are a must have if you have a bald beauty or a baby girl with very fine or barely any hair. The mini latch clip is designed to hold onto even the finest of hairs with its teeny combs and silicone strip that latch on and provide amazing hold. Not only will you be astounded by how well these clips stay in baby fine hair, the quality and finishing of the accessory shows our careful attention to details. The bows are hand-sewn to the clip, not glued, to make sure it’s extra durable and reduces the use of chemicals near your baby’s head. The clips are lead, cadmium and mercury free because no mother wants to unnecessarily expose their child to these toxic elements. You can get a variety of different bows and flowers on a mini latch clip from Baby Wisp.


Don’t like clips? We have baby headbands too! There are two sizes to pick from: newborn and 3 months and up. The headband is made out of a stretchy organza fabric, so it’s super comfortable on the head, fancy looking and will not leave a dent. Add a cute tutu to increase the ‘awww’ factor. They’re great for Halloween, a party or any day your little girl wants to have some fun!

Win a Baby Wisp Prize Pack!

This pack includes four (4) different mini latch clips, one (1) headband and one (1) tutu a value of $72.90.

(Contest open to Canada and the U.S. ) 

Tiny Talkers Workshop Giveaway

Win a Baby Signing 101 Workshop

This 2.5 hour webcast from Tiny Talkers is filled with solid information you can watch at your own leisure is ALL YOU NEED to learn what you need to know in order to help your child be a successful signer using American Sign Language. 

While watching the webcast you have the opportunity to STOP & START the recording, “rewind” if you need to review and go at your own pace all in the comforts of YOUR OWN HOME. 

Plus, Tiny Talkers is the ONLY sign language WEBCAST that offers PERSONALIZED EMAIL SUPPORT to answer any follow up questions that you may have after completing the course at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

You get all of this for $35!

You will learn:

  • The benefits of signing with your baby
  • How your baby’s brain develops
  • How to determine signing readiness
  • When to expect results
  • How to increase your child’s vocabulary and language skills
  • Guidelines for signing success
  • HOW MANY, WHEN, HOW & WHY to introduce signs
  • Learn OVER 80 SIGNS that are the most commonly used for ages 6 months-5 years of age
  • How to teach abstract signs
  • How to recognize when your child is signing back
  • Troubleshooting strategies

You will also receive downloadable PDFs of the full packet of information that is normally passed out in Tiny Talkers workshops including the following topics:

  • Acivities to Promote Verbal Language Development
  • Activities & Games to Promote Baby Signing
  • Information About Your Baby's Brain
  • Brain Development Activities
  • Book Recommendations
  • Sign Language Dictionary—Learn Over 80 Signs
  • A Journal To Track Progress
  • Speech, Language & Hearing Milestones as well as a Red Flag Checklist
  • American Sign Language Reference Book & Reference Websites List

(Open to everyone worldwide!)

Knocked-Up Fitness Giveaway

The path to regaining your pre-baby body begins during pregnancy, and Knocked-Up Fitness by Erica Ziel is designed to be an effective, fun way for expecting moms to stay active and in shape through all stages of pregnancy. Four lucky readers will win a prenatal and after-baby bundle from fitness expert Erica Ziel! The bundle includes Erica's new book, The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy, a step-by-step guide that offers a variety of effective exercises so that expecting and new moms can customize their fitness program and maximize their workouts for a happier, healthier pregnancy and recovery. The book includes 136 full color pages and over 50 exercises.

The bundle also includes Erica's prenatal and after-baby workout DVD's. The Prenatal "Knocked-Up Fitness" 2 DVD Set includes a variety of exercises that specifically target and strengthen deep core muscles safely. Strengthening deep core muscles helps prepare your body for labor, delivery and recovery. The After Baby "From Knocked-Up to Knock Out" DVD set is great for any mom, whether you’ve just had a baby or it’s been many years. These workouts (10 of them!) are designed to get you feeling great and looking amazing. From Knocked Up to Knock Out workouts focus on toning, sculpting, and conditioning your entire body, with an emphasis on strengthening your pelvic floor and deep core muscles.

(Open to the U.S.)

Kishu Baby Giveaway


Handmade in California from premium Japanese muslin, our 100% cotton kishu baby bibs are both luxuriously soft and adorably stylish. We love muslin because it is breathable, durable, lightweight, and did we mention incredibly soft? It actually gets softer every time you wash it. All of our kishu bibs are reversible so you always get 2 unique styles in 1 bib. Well, not always. With our kishu patch bib, you actually get 3 styles in 1!

Each bib has a colorful KAM snap closure that remains tightly secured without falling off… no scratchy velcro to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, our bibs are multifunctional.

  1. Use as a dribble bib. Absorbent and quick to dry, your baby can finally drool in style!
  2. Use as a wipe cloth. Approximately 11 inches square when laid flat, cleans messy little hands and faces in a jiffy.
  3. Use as a hand towel. Each bib has a fabric loop sewn in so you can hang from a hook in your powder room (eliminates the need for a step stool).


  • premium muslin fabric
  • reversible, 2 styles in 1
  • multifunctional
  • adorably fashionable
  • luxuriously soft
  • fabric imported from Japan
  • handmade in USA
  • beautiful shape

We believe that once you try our kishu baby bibs, both you and your baby will be addicted! Use coupon code 20CHICKENS and get 20% off your purchase now through September 28, 2014 at

Contest open to everyone!