Pea to Pumpkin Journal Giveaway


Pea to Pumpkin Journals are an easy peasy way to chronicle pregnancy - and now babyhood.

Illustrated, mad libs style with fill-in-the-blanks, P2P journals make memory-keeping simply adorable. The new Pea to Pumpkin Baby Journal (out April 1!) has twelve monthly sections to answer questions about the baby as he or she grows, as well as some special extra features like a pumpkin pie chart (with actual pumpkin pie!) to chart baby's day throughout the year and a happiness vine so you can remember what baby loved (and didn't!). In the back of the journal, there are cute clip 'n shoot monthly photo signs for you to document the sweet new one as he or she grows - and then share on social media or save for a first year keepsake album or collage.