Round Up – Issue 4: January 2013


Oh man, what a holiday whirlwind this year was. If I had a time machine I would go back 70 years and say, “Let’s create an expensive toy that has to be assembled, breaks if you breathe on it, and is excruciating to step on. We shall call it LEGO!” Curse those sharp little blocks – at least the boxes are easy to wrap.

Now that the New Year is here, we all start 2013 with a clean, fresh slate. Ahhhhhh.


First off, I’m not sure if you’ve heard but I finished the Pregnancy Calendar. Snort. I know I’m becoming one of those assholes that ran a marathon or climbed a mountain and can’t shut up about it now. I promise I’ll stop soon, but I haven’t been this proud of finishing something since I learned to drive stick shift. If you haven’t read it (perhaps you were being held hostage by Yeti or some other reason that I cannot fathom) then feel free to check it out here.


Next up is an amazing book, and I don’t say that often because I rarely have time to wash my hair let alone read a book.

It’s called: The Circumcision Decision: An Unbiased Guide for Parents.

I have two boys so the topic of circumcision did come up before they were born and I wish this book had been around at the time. (I won’t tell you what we decided because I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate me broadcasting the state of their peens on a website – I hope they remember that when I vacuum up their stupid Lego.)

This is an excerpt from the intro, “We set out to write a short book about circumcision to fill the gap between the pro-circumcision books and websites and the anti-circumcision books and websites, all of which work earnestly and often effectively, to convince you to adopt their position. We wanted to give you a balanced, accurate, and fair book to help you make a smart decision about circumcision. We also thought that the decision deserves more information than the few pages most books for expectant parents devote to the decision. And we decided that the subject was serious enough and interesting enough for us to devote more than a year of our lives to research and write it!”

It’s a well written, easy read and I’d recommend to anyone having a boy. You can find it on their website, or at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well.


While we’re on the topic of great resources for parents, I added quite a few pins to my Great Resources – Kids and Babies board, including this illustrated guide for infant choking first aid and CPR (insert shudder and mom terror here). And always feel free to pass along helpful resources for other parents and I’ll add it to the board. I had another board with pins I was meaning to read but I had to remove it because a few of the articles were shit and people thought I was recommending them and that’s no bueno.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I would post the heartwarming notes you can share with your spouse. I know, I can feel the love too.


I love this post called, “MEN CAN EXPERIENCE WHAT IT’S LIKE TO HAVE A BABY. KINDA. SORTA.” that Karen Alpert (Baby Sideburns) wrote on Scary Mommy. That gal cracks me up. Her Facebook page is fantastic too. I’m never sure what I love more, her hysterical commentary, or the odd troll that comes out of nowhere is says something so utterly ridiculous that you want to Fedex them a crate of cat shit.

Lil Helper Cloth Diapers.png

Also check out lil helper if you’re looking for a good laugh and some amazing products.

They specialize in cloth diapers, but I have the Bamboo Mattress Protector and while I love its glorious quality and versatility (it really is lovely and worth the bucks), it’s the story behind it that cracks me up. I read the whole site and I have absolutely have no need for cloth diapers, well, I could probably use them for jumping jacks but that’s another story.


I was contacted by these guys a while ago and thought it could be a great fit as an “older sibling occupier” when you have a newborn – a quiet, fun activity that doesn’t include your lipstick and the couch.

Green Kid Crafts is a mom owned, earth friendly company that sends nature-themed craft kits to kids ages 3-8 on a monthly basis. There are three craft activity projects inside, everything included, so you just open the box and get going.


They sent me the dinosaur box and my boys (4 and 6) nearly shit themselves with excitement. I had to help with a couple of scissor cuts here and there, but they were off and running with the rest of it. They did all three crafts and I didn’t hear a peep from them. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

If you missed this on my Facebook page, I found this post about this sweet dog. Please let me know if you know the source for this – I'd love to send this dog a box of biscuits and a pillow. I know how he feels.

Hannes Beer

Hannes Beer

Lastly, I wanted to get all misty and tell you all how amazing you have been with the Facebook questions. I look at other sites and there’s always some jerk that swoops in and gets all critical and mean and belittles the person asking the question. Your answers are helpful, insightful, kind, and free from judgment. 

You really are the shit.