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Had a good NICU experience? Here’s one way to show your appreciation.

By Emily Ramirez

Ask anyone whose baby has spent time in the NICU, and they’ll probably agree – it takes a special kind of person to work in that environment.

The long hours, the heavy emotional load, and the endless patience the staff shows both the babies and their parents is a tough ask! And yet there they are, every day, doing their thing like actual angels sent from heaven.

So how does one show thanks for the kindness, compassion, and dedication once you’ve gone home? One easy (albeit time sensitive) way? Nominate the NICU to win a mamaRoo!

September is NICU awareness month

In honor of NICU awareness month, 4moms is partnering with the non-profit Project Sweet Peas to gift ten hospitals around the country with mamaRoo4 infant seats as their way of giving back to these incredible programs and their deserving staff.

These seats replicate the movement of a caretaker by bouncing, swaying, and rocking wee babes who need a little extra comfort, but, for any number of reasons, aren’t able to get it in-person at that moment.

Nomination is easy

Nomination is as simple as sharing your story, and can be done by family, or staff members who think their hospital is going above and beyond. The story can be as brief as a few lines, or as detailed as you’d like it to be – whatever you have time for and feel comfortable sharing.

It’s worth mentioning that hospitals who won last year can’t be nominated again this year, but they will be eligible again next year if you want to put a reminder on your calendar.

Want to participate? Now’s the time!

Nominations must be submitted by September 30th, so pop on over and share your experience to help your hospital snag a couple of these sweet seats!

For more information about Project Sweet Peas, or to see the list of hospitals who won last year, check out the site.

What was your NICU experience like? Would you nominate the hospital your kiddo spent time in?

Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to submit your nomination by September 30th!

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