14 Best Outschool Camps for Preschoolers
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14 Best Outschool Camps for Preschoolers

By Emily Ramirez

Life with a new baby and a young kid is hard under the best of circumstances but add in a global pandemic and ooooh girl. That’s some next level shit! Closed parks, cancelled playdates, and non-existent childcare make for some loooooong days for all parties involved. So what’s an exhausted mom (and bored kiddo) to do? One promising option is looking into something like Outschool.

What’s Outschool?

Taught by a diverse group of teachers, Outschool offers live online classes in just about anything you could think up. Classes are designed for kids aged 3-18, and range from fun to purely educational, with plenty that blend both.

Here are a few that caught our eye for kiddos in the 3-5 year range:

For the hands on learners:

Learn Letters with Playdough

Woman smiling in front of play dough letter background

Bring your child and their favorite playdough colors to practice one of the most basic things littles need to learn: LETTERS! Check out available times.

For kids missing show and tell

What Is Your Favorite Toy?

Various small toys for Outschool show and tell class

In this course, children will show the class their favorite toy and explain about it. Check out available times.

For the book lovers missing library story time:

“The Book With No Pictures”: Read Aloud

Image of inside book "The Book With No Pictures"

This class is a fun read aloud class with the text: “The Book With No Pictures” by BJ Novak, while we learn about the parts of a book and the jobs of the author and illustrator. Check out available times.

For families looking to reinforce and encourage tolerance:

Let’s Celebrate Our Differences

Cartoon of children holding hands around the world

In this one-time class, students will bring a favorite stuffed animal and listen to the story “It’s Okay To Be Different.” We will then use our stuffed animals to discuss celebrating our differences! Check out available times.

For the movers and the shakers:

Star Wars: Jedi Training Workout for Kids

Jedi knights holding lightsabers

May the Force be with you as we exercise with light sabers in this cardio workout and train to be Jedi Knights! Check out available times.

For the budding scientists:

Introduction to Amphibians: With LIVE Frogs & Salamanders!

Image of tree frog for Outschool class on amphibians

Students will learn the basics about frogs, salamanders & newts while observing behaviors of LIVE animals in class. This class is inclusive to all students including those with ADHD, Autistic / Autism & is Dyslexia / Dyslexic friendly. Check out available times.

For the teeniest of social justice warriors:

LGBTQ+ Story Time for our Little Learners

Stack of books for Outschool class featuring LGBTQ+ stories

In this one time class, students will listen to a story that normalizes the LGBTQ+ community. Check out available times.

Learning About Diversity and Social Justice With “Dreamers”

woman with text Beyond the Book in background

This One-Time Class will be focused on creating meaningful conversations around the topics of diversity and social justice. In this class, we will read the story “Dreamers” by Mexican author Yuyi Morales to facilitate our dialogue. Check out available times.

For the littlest of yogis:

Storytime Yoga with Stuffies

Young kid doing yoga with stuffed animal

Grab your favorite stuffed animal and get ready for a yoga adventure! Check out available times.

For the future artist with a flare for the prehistoric:

ABCDEFG Let’s Learn About a Dinosaur and Make Handprint Art!

How to make dino hand print art

Students will make Dinosaur Handprint Art and learn about Dinosaurs too! Teacher leads class with Step by Step Instructions. Let’s learn a Letter, letter sound, and a Dinosaur that begins with that letter. Repeat class! NEW LETTER WEEKLY! Check out available times.

For the littlest linguists:

(there are a ton of options here, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something other than French or Spanish)

Tiny Talkers Spanish Immersion- Peppa Pig

Peppa pig and her family playing in mud

In this one-time class, students will discuss Peppa Pig and all her family & friends in Spanish, while drawing or coloring pictures of them. Check out available times.

Story time in French!

Various cartoon animals reading books

Join me every week for a new book in French! Check out available times.

For the kids trapped inside:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Ages 4-9

glass of water, pinecone and lego figure from indoor scavenger hunt

This Outschool class is perfect for staying indoors and built for ages 4-9, you can play solo or make a team with your housemates. Search your home for miscellaneous objects and complete the bonus challenge! Check out available times.

For the itty bitty kids who 100% stan Arendelle but also need to burn some energy before nap:

Frozen Dance Party for Toddlers

Image with words Frozen Dance for Toddlers class on Outschool

Using a mix of Frozen and Frozen 2 hit music, Toddlers will learn a basic dance with styles like Jazz & Ballet while having a ton of fun! Check out available times.

This really is just a small sampling of all Outschool has to offer. It’s absolutely worth looking into regardless of if you’re in need of a one-off 30-minute breather, or you’re on the hunt for something more regular to supplement their education.

Have you used Outschool?

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments!

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