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I try to get to my emails as quickly as possible but sometimes work and weebles slow me down so be patient.

In the meantime, you can check out answers to my most asked questions below to possibly save yourself some wait time.

Can I link to your site or add your button?

Are you kidding?! Yes. A thousand times yes! If you would like to reference one of my articles feel free, just make sure you give credit and a live link back to pregnantchicken.com. Some sneaky fuckers have tried to pass off my writing as their own and my minions find out and make their lives hell. Don't mess with pregnant women, they'll mess you up.

You can find a variety of buttons here if you'd like to add it to your site. Thanks, I totally appreciate it!


Can I advertise on your site and/or do a giveaway?

You bet. If you have a product or service that you think would be a good fit for my readers, you can download my media kit here.


Can I Write for the site?

Absolutely! I'm accepting guest posts so feel free to submit something you think is a good fit for the Burd by starting here


I love your website, who designed it?

Thank you! I designed it and I'm forever grateful when people compliment me on it because it's no small miracle that it's up. I am an HTML idiot that just happens to be a designer.  


Would you design my website?

I would love to but I truly don't know what the hell I am doing, plus, I'm already swamped with pay-the-bills work. My site is hosted on squarespace.com and they are fan-tabulous! They aren't free but their templates are really good and their support staff is outstanding – I can't tell you how many tickets I've opened with the subject line "What the hell have I done?!" And they always talk me off the ledge and fix it. 


Do you have any advice for someone starting a blog?

Yes. Find something you truly love a then do a blog about it. Don't worry about the readers, they will come. Haters are gonna hate so they can suck it.

I also wouldn't get too hung up on the blogger contests that are out there. It didn't take long for me to realize that they only generate traffic for the contest blog by getting your friends and family to their site to vote and does dick all for your site.

Don't get discouraged if people aren't reading in the beginning either. You want to make your mistakes in front of a small audience, not a large one. 


I just wrote a book, made a video, created an app. Will you read it, watch it, use it then promote it?

Sadly I've had to declare a no book, video, app policy because I have no time to read a cereal box let alone a book (including ebooks). Obviously I don't want to recommend something I haven't read to pregnant women and new parents. I mean what if you've promoted puppy kicking or Gwyneth Paltrow in it? I can't have that on my conscience. 


Hey dick, I emailed you why aren't you responding?

I know, I suck. Between family and work I can get stupid busy at times so bear with me as it may take some time for me to get back to you but I promise I will. I love your emails. Truly.


Can I get in touch with you?

Absolutely! You can reach me at amy@pregnantchicken.com  and if you have any questions about advertising, giveaways, or anything that requires intelligence and order, you can contact Kelly Edmonds at kelly@pregnantchicken.com.

Oprah, you can just call me – you have my number.