How ya feeling, Bud?

I love how movies and television always make morning sickness cute. We’ve all seen shows where the woman that realizes she’s pregnant after she’s had to run into the bathroom to vomit. Tee hee.

Truth of the matter is, it isn’t cute. It’s like a rabid otter with a gun cute – adorable if you have nothing to do with it, but incredibly dangerous if it’s your problem to deal with.

Morning sickness can easily be all-day sickness and is caused by a combination of hormones, your body working its ass off to make a person, and your keener sense of smell. It can strike at any time which is a really charming thought if you have to give a presentation at work and someone brings in the smoked salmon platter.

Here are some remedies our readers swear by.

You also may have to pee like a two-year old in a snowsuit thanks to your kidneys that are in overdrive to get rid of waste and your growing uterus that is putting pressure on your bladder.

The good news is your baby’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears are starting to take shape and its little heart is beating almost twice as fast as yours.

Did that make you weepy? Well, I should also mention that you might be crazy right now.

Your hormones are all over the place and you found out that you’re creating an entire person so that doesn’t always bring out the best in us.

I say embrace it and cry at the long distance commercials and skip around the house when you find an extra brownie at the back of the fridge. Just try not to make the news or throw anything out right now.

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